Gravity Game Hub Announces The Official Launch Of Ragnarok Online Ascendance

Gravity Game Hub Announces The Official Launch Of Ragnarok Online Ascendance

SINGAPORE, 23 February 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gravity Game Hub (GGH) PTE. LTD, subsidiary of GRAVITY Co., Ltd.(NasdaqGM: GRVY) announces the Official Launch of the MMORPG PC Game Ragnarok Online Ascendance for Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Download Link:

Open Territories: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines

Players can embark on thrilling adventures to create their story in Midgard. Choose among the different classes that can be customized to unique game styles. Battle away to level up when different maps are explored and players accomplish in-game quests. Players will be happy to know that Ragnarok Online Ascendance will follow the kRO version closely in terms of content releases. Ragnarok Online Ascendance players can expect exciting tournaments in-game and through Gravity Game Hub’s programs lined up for the community to enjoy.

Ragnarok Online Ascendance in-game Official Launch Events

Event I: Change to 2nd Job Event

Details: Players who successfully change job within (Feb 23 – March 8) will receive a Treasure Box

Event II: Reach Level 99 Event

Details: Race to be among the first players per class to reach Level 99 to win a Level 99 Costume.

Celebrate the Official Launch of Ragnarok Online Ascendance with the upcoming online event “Ragnarok Official Launch Party”. Join game streamer hosts ChiigamingX, RainingCherry_, ArrgghJ along with CM Somi in an online epic community gathering filled with fun and games. Questions about the game will also be answered live. The Ragnarok Official Launch Party is scheduled to stream live on Ragnarok Online Ascendance Official Facebook Page on February 26, 2022, 8:00pm (GMT+8). Event activities include Ragnarok Online related trivia, picture games, in-game scavenger hunts, and more where participants can win over USD$3000 in pool prizes. The whole gaming community is invited for a night of exciting raffles and giveaways. Players can check for more details on in-game event news and upcoming online community activities when they visit the official Ragnarok Online Ascendance Website and Facebook Page by Gravity Game Hub.

If you are excited to play Ragnarok Online Ascendance:

Download the game today.

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