Sqkii's S$100,000 #HuntTheMouse is Back -- First Ever Safe Distancing Hybrid Hunt

Sqkii’s S$100,000 #HuntTheMouse is Back — First Ever Safe Distancing Hybrid Hunt

SINGAPORE, 31 January 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Singapore’s viral #HuntTheMouse cash hunt by Sqkii is back as #HuntTheMouse — Safe Distancing Edition (HTMSD). Launched last December, this edition offers hybrid physical and virtual game mechanics to prioritise the safety of players in one of Singapore’s pioneering COVID-safe islandwide events.

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In pre-pandemic versions of the hunt, players would scour the island to find the physically hidden gold coin, exchangeable for the grand prize of S$100,000. With HTMSD, the hidden coin is now virtual, allowing players to look for the coin both in person and from home – players have made over 800,000 hunt attempts for the coin to date.

Gameplay and Prizes

Players can receive daily hints on the gold coin’s location from Sqkii’s social media channels (FacebookInstagramTelegram) or in the game. They can then search for the hiding spot virtually or physically, and dig for the gold coin within the game. The first player to find the gold coin receives S$100,000 in cash.

While searching for the coin, players can also win other attractive prizes hidden by Sqkii’s HTMSD partners – more than 10,000 prizes remain to be given away, including gaming monitors from Philips, hotel stays and cruise trips from KKday and Sentosa, and gift vouchers from Love, Bonito.

Safety Measures

HTMSD has incorporated mechanics to prevent players from crowding around public spaces. For instance, they will not be able to physically hunt spots that have recently been unearthed by others. When encountering such spots, players will be directed to switch to virtual hunting mode instead — they will have to walk a distance of at least 100m away, before proceeding to dig the intended spot without gathering there physically.

Alternatively, players can choose to visit other areas, and will receive reminders on safe distancing measures. These mechanics will prioritise players’ safety as they explore Singapore amidst the transition to endemic living, while retaining exciting elements of the hunt.

The grand cash prize of S$100,000 remains up for grabs, with the first person to find the gold coin walking away with the money. Start hunting now at https://huntthemouse.sqkii.com/

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