BenQ Announces MOBIUZ Gaming Monitors For Singapore's Growing Video Gaming Market

BenQ Announces MOBIUZ Gaming Monitors For Singapore’s Growing Video Gaming Market

BenQ MOBIUZ ushers in a new age of gaming experiences with its responsive HDRi visual optimisation and immersive treVolo audio technologies, catering to the needs of today’s gamer.

Singapore, 26 October 2021 – BenQ, the leading global innovator of display technologies, announces the new 2021 line-up of its MOBIUZ gaming monitors in Singapore. MOBIUZ harnesses intelligent HDRi technology and audio-immersive treVolo speakers to deliver an immersive gaming platform for gamers looking to enjoy AAA games. MOBIUZ monitors deliver spectacular audio as well as stunning visual performance for casual gameplay, at an affordable price range.

As a result of the pandemic, more Singaporeans are turning to video gaming as a hobby. A study in September 2020 found that 47 percent of Singaporeans played video games more often than before the Covid-19 pandemic, while sales of game consoles and games in Singapore have risen by about 7.8 percent in 2020, from 2019, to hit US$439.5 million.

“The video games market is growing exponentially, even as more Singaporeans opt for video games as a safer past-time in the comfort of their own homes,” said Jeffrey Liang, President of BenQ Asia Pacific Corporation. “The line-up of MOBIUZ gaming monitors will provide stunning audio and visual performance, translating into an immersive experience for all gamers, with any of the latest AAA titles.”

Uncompromised visuals with HDRi

BenQ’s groundbreaking HDRi technology employs a discrete light sensor to actively detect ambient light levels and analyze on-screen content to generate flawlessly detailed HDR images. HDRi delivers unprecedented clarity and superb contrast to reveal subtle shades in dark regions of the screen, while preventing overexposure in brighter areas. Generating stunning color intensity, balance, and saturation, HDRi renders an in-game universe without visual compromise.

Immersive audio with built-in treVolo audio speakers

MOBIUZ features built-in speakers designed by BenQ’s renowned treVolo audio team, which leverages physical acoustics and psychoacoustics to offer custom high-end audio, complementing MOBIUZ’s spectacular visuals. treVolo harmonizes five sound indicators – resolution, positioning, sound field, balance and fidelity – with tone settings ranging from crisp to sweet treble, clear to smooth midrange, and full to warm bass, intensifying the full gaming experience.

MOBIUZ also touts BenQ’s proprietary Light Tuner – with 20 visual settings customised for different game genres, variable refresh rate technology – to eliminate motion tear and stutter, and Black eQualizer for brightening dark corners and shadows to easily identify game objects and hidden enemies. Its intuitive Scenario Mapping feature auto-selects preferred settings when the input source is switched, while Quick OSD pre-sets and a 5-Way Navigator joystick provide instant and easy access to these gaming enhancements. With customisable add-ons, such as subwoofers, AI noise-cancelling microphones, and remote controls on select models, MOBIUZ offers a wide range of choices for both PC and console gamers.

BenQ’s range of MOBIUZ gaming monitors are now available exclusively at the BenQ Store on Lazada andShopee. Read more about the BenQ MOBIUZ gaming monitors here.

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